Data Recovery East Africa


Laptops due to their portable nature are very convenient and efficient for the modern businesses but also due to their portability are most vulnerable to data loss as they are easily accessible than the desktop computers which are mainly indoors. In order to avoid instances of data loss in your laptop due cases of theft, unauthorized access and maybe software malfunctions, one needs to take some if not all of the security measures below to safeguard your data.

Ø  Install antivirus, internet protection and malware detection products and ensure they are up to date to avoid online attacks and also physical attacks through removable media.

Ø  Always use strong passwords to protect your laptop from unauthorized access and ensure you change it from time to time to avoid intruders from mastering them.

Ø  Avoid leaving your laptop unattended especially in public areas to avoid theft or illegal access of your data.

Ø  Ensure you install tracking software in your laptop in order to easily track it once it is lost, misplaced or stolen.

Ø  Perform regular data backups on separate media or online by syncing your sensitive data cloud storage whereby it automatically backs up your data regularly.

Ø  Apply data encryption methods on your data to prevent easy or unauthorized access to your data.

Having applied these security measures, you will have reduced the risk of data loss hence saving on time and financial resources in case of data loss. It also ensures peace of mind knowing that your data is safe. For any loss of data you can always contact a Data Recovery Centre for assistance.