Can erased data be recovered?

What does Deleted File Recovery mean?

Recovering deleted files is the process of retrieving and restoring files or data that was deleted either via accident, maliciously, virus infection. This process makes it possible for the user to get their data back from their device. Devices that data can be deleted from include, server, hard drives, mobile phones, laptops, sd cards, flash disk etc.

Deleted File Recovery Explained
Deleted data recovery means recovering files that were deleted back. It can be from the recycle bin, or data lost through operating system being formatted.

In most cases, any computer storage system data is not normally deleted from the drive even after emptying the recycle bin and disk formatting. Instead, the file or data that is deleted or formatted from the storage drive removes the access to that location and marks it as available for future data storage needs.

The deleted data can still be recovered as long as new data is not overwritten on the same location. If data is overwritten, it cannot be recovered in a usable condition. When a user deletes or formats their device, its recommended that they stop using or saving new data on the device. The use should consult a data recovery expert before trying anything or purchase data recovery softwares after going through the instructions given.