Data Recovery Costs: Why Cheaper Isn’t Necessarily Better

Data recovery that is professional is something of a market industry–most people don’t know about it until they need it. As a result, those who need their information recovered do not understand when they go shopping for data recovery options what to anticipate for a price. Sadly, this can sometimes cause people to select unrealistically cheap or”flat-rate” data retrieval solutions, which seldom yield favorable results, over specialist data recovery labs

East Africa Recovery Experts Is a professional, ISO-5 Class 100 cleanroom data recovery lab offering:

  1. Free Diagnosis
  2. Free in-lab evaluation
  3. inbound Delivery

Everybody works as hard as we can to make data recovery as simple as it could be. East Africa Recovery Experts’s experienced data recovery and forensics engineers specialize in recovering data not just from formatted or broken hard drives, but also from USB flash drives and SSDs, phones, tablets, virtual machines, RAID servers, and more. When it’s catastrophic failure or accidental deletion, our engineers deal with it on a daily basis.