Mobile Phone fell in water


  1. Do not switch on the phone or try to charge it as this will cause the phone to short circuit damaging the phone more than it was when you got it out of the water.
  2. Remove all detachable parts from the phone i.e. the battery, sim card, SD card and more so the phone cover to ensure that you get rid of the moisture that might have accumulated in their compartments.
  3. Dry the phone thoroughly preferably using a vacuum cleaner which sucks out the moisture as compared to a hair dryer which may force the moisture further into the smaller components of the phone.
  4. Assemble back the phone once you’re certain there is no moisture in it.
  5. Place the phone in a bag of dry rice and ensure it is completely covered by the rice to help draw out the rest of the moisture for roughly two to three days. Data recovery requires a lot of patience, so these three days are very important, relax and hope for the best.
NB: This may not work at all times but it can increase the chances of retrieving your phone and salvaging the data in it. You can also have peace of mind knowing that at least you tried.
Just in case the above steps don’t work contact the data recovery experts in Kenya and East Africa at large for a professional analysis. Contact East Africa Recovery Experts on 0716079961.