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How can i recover my stolen mobile phone in kenya


Phone theft has become quite rampant in Kenya, especially in this day and age where new technology leads to new phones being released and also stiff competition between phone manufacturers making android phones easily accessible to anyone willing to spend a certain amount. Having established this let me give you several ways in which you can use in an attempt to recover your phone. A wise man once said “It’s better to try and fail than not to try at all”. These methods are mainly use of apps and also the IMEI number of the phone.

  1. Mobile Antivirus

Android users know the essence of having an antivirus installed in your phone. However choosing a good antivirus is the task. A good antivirus not only protects you from malware but it also provides you with an anti-theft solution that allows you to remotely locate, lock and even wipe the data on the phone. It also offers a security feature that takes a photo when someone inputs a wrong passcode, password, and pattern multiple times. I recommend AVG or Avast antivirus as a good antivirus.

  1. Google Search/Find My Phone

On the Google search bar, type Find my phone and it will request you to sign in to your Google account and it will show you the phone you need to locate. All you need to do is click on the Locate button. If that doesn’t work for you, login to your Google account and access My Account tab and select find my phone option.

  1. Android Device Manager

Find My Phone is an upgrade of the ADM method. The only feature distinguishing them is that ADM requires an app to be installed in it and also activated just in case the device maker did not include its functionality by default. In order to access it, Just follow the steps in Find My Phone method but this time type Device Manager in the search bar.

N/B: The methods listed above require to be done immediately the phone is lost/stolen since they probably won’t work once the phone is switched off or reset to factory settings. Once the phone has been reset to factory settings, it wipes all the data vital information necessary to locate the phone.

There is also another method rarely used that involves the police and it’s through the use of the IMEI number. The IMEI number is a unique code assigned to each phone and there’s no way two phones can have the same IMEI number. Once your phone is stolen you need to report it to the police and go with the IMEI number of the phone as well as the receipt you got after purchasing the phone as proof that the phone is really yours. This Number can be found on the phone just below the battery or else dial *#06# and a 15 digit code will be sent to you. The issue with this is that it takes a long time and its also hard to know the progress of the search. It entails making a lot of trips to the police To get the progress and thus not even tried. Its therefore advisable for one to have a tracking solution installed on the device before it get lost or stolen. Consult data recovery experts.