how to recover contacts on gmail

How to recover android contacts from gmail


Gone are the days whereby you needed a notebook to write down your contacts as a backup just in case you accidentally delete them, lose your phone or need to upgrade to a new phone. Google has made it easy for you to create a backup of your contacts online on their servers. As long as you have an active Gmail account all you need to do is link it up with your phone and ensure you sync it with your Gmail so as to enable the contacts to be automatically saved and updated to the Google servers. In case you don’t know how to sync your phone, just follow the following simple steps and you’ll be set;

  1. Go to your Phone’s settings and scroll down to the Accounts tab which will show you all the accounts currently on your phone.
  2. Select the Google account and you’ll be able to view all the accounts currently available that’s if you have multiple accounts.
  3. Select the account you saved your contacts to and click it to sync automatically. If that doesn’t work click on the three dots aligned vertically on the top right side of the phone and click Sync now.

Once that is done, your contacts will automatically be restored to your phone. For this to work you will need to have an internet connection, either Wi-Fi or Data connection for it to sync.

This works for all types of android phones but in case it doesn’t work, you may opt to restore manually using the Google backup method which will be explained further in the next article.